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MISSION STATEMENT: The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association is a member-driven organization that accepts and supports the interdependence of species conservation and the members’ collective economic interests.

The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association was established in 1963 by the fishermen, for the fishermen, and is presently the leading commercial fishing industry association in New England. On behalf of the 1,700 members, the MLA works to maintain both the industry and the resource. The MLA strives to be proactive on issues affecting the lobster industry and is active in the management process at both the state and federal levels.  The MLA communicates with its members through a monthly newspaper, email list, Facebook, Twitter and attendance at meetings. For the past 51 years, the MLA has become a trustworthy voice for the industry on important issues, and is looked to by both the fishing industry and the management community.

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WASHINGTON (NOAA Fisheries)  Deadline April 30th — The topic of seafood certification has come up at many meetings of the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC) over the past decade, and their previous guidance has informed the agency’s current policy. Due to stakeholder requests and increasing public interest, in mid-2012, NOAA Fisheries asked MAFAC to explore the creation of a NOAA certification mark or other acknowledgement that could certify sustainability of domestic wild-caught and aquaculture fishery products. MAFAC agreed and organized a working group to investigate the topic and develop a recommendation. Your assessment of MAFAC’s recommendation is welcome.  YOU can sign onto the MLA’s Comment letter TODAY! Click on this link.  http://www.lobstermen.com/letter

DMF Spring Trawl Survey Begins May 5th

To Fixed Gear Fishermen of Massachusetts:
MarineFisheries will conduct a trawl survey throughout state coastal waters beginning May 5, 2014.
Surveys have been conducted each May and September since 1978 to provide a consistent sampling of
benthic fishes and mobile invertebrates. Survey data is used to monitor the condition of fish stocks, as
well as to inform the environmental review process that minimizes construction impacts on fisheries
resources. Maintaining access to the planned sampling sites is critical to the integrity of the survey.  

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This website will be updated daily with all the completed survey sites.

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